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These are some common questions from our customers.  Don't see your question here?  Contact us, and we can help!

FAQ - Computer Questions

How much does laptop repair cost?

Usually, you're looking around $75+ labor + the cost of the part for the  laptop. It will depend on how difficult the repair is, how long it will take, and the cost of the part. 

How to delete facebook account?


  1. Click the account menu down arrow at the top right of any Facebook page in your web browser.
  2. Select 'Settings'
  3. Choose 'General' in the left column.
  4. Click 'Manage your account'
  5. Press 'Deactivate your account', and then follow the steps to confirm your decision.

How many mb in a gb?

1000mb = 1gb

Why is my laptop computer shutting down automatically?

This condition could be a hardware or operating system issue.  We would need to see the computer to diagnose the problem.

How to change wifi password?

Changes to a router vary from router to router.  Contact your router manufacture, or bring in your router and power supply in, we can do it for you.  A $25 bench fee will be charged.

How to change gmail password?


  1. Step 1: Sign in to your Google account. Head to the Google MyAccount page and click the blue Sign-in button in the top right-hand corner. ...
  2. Step 2: Open your security settings. Click on the Sign-in & security button and you'll be presented with a number of options. ...
  3. Step 3: Change your password.

FAQ - Computer Questions

What song is this?

Try the app -  Shazam.

What is my ip?

How much does it cost to replace fan in laptop?

An internal laptop fan is generally about $10 to $20.  However, replacing them can be very labor intensive based  on the make and model. 

How to download youtube videos?

Try this site


or search for a browser plug-in.

How to take a screenshot on a mac?


  1. Press Shift-Command-4.
  2. Drag to select the area of the screen to capture. To move the entire selection, press and hold Space bar while dragging.
  3. After you release your mouse or trackpad button, find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop.

How do I fix my laptop from overheating?


  1. Clean / replace internal cooling fan. The most important thing you need to do when your laptop is overheating is to clean the fan that cools the CPU and graphics card.
  2. Keep your laptop on a hard & flat surface.
  3. Buy a Laptop Cooler or Cooling Pad.

FAQ - Retro Video Games

What is the best retro gaming system?

From our experience - nothing beats the genuine retro video game console.  The newer 3rd party consoles simply do not have the same quality of the original consoles.

What are some old video games?


  • Donkey Kong.
  • King's Quest.
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Asteroids.
  • The Legend of Zelda.
  • Missile Command.
  • Pong.
  • Centipede.
  • Galaga.
  • Wolfenstien / Doom.

What are the greatest video games of all time?

 Some of our "big sellers" are:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. 
  • Diablo 2. 
  • Grand Theft Auto.
  • Resident Evil.
  • Donkey Kong.
  • Super Mario World.
  • Mario Kart.
  • The SIMS.
  • Pokemon.
  • Tetris

What's the best video game console?

 -As of 2018-

  • Best for Mobility: Nintendo Switch.
  • Best for Graphics: Xbox One X.
  • Most Popular: PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console.
  • Best for Families: Nintendo Wii / Wii U.
  • Best Used Value: Xbox 360 Console.
  • Best for Games and Backward Compatibility: PlayStation 3.
  • Best Re-Release: Super NES Classic / NES Classic.
  • Best Handheld: Nintendo 3DS XL.

Is fortnite the most played game?

 "Fortnite" is usually on top of the "most-played"  charts for Microsoft's Xbox One console and the most popular game on Twitch. Epic Games launched the free-to-play "Battle Royale" mode for "Fortnite" on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Mac.

Remember the popular FPS Unreal Tournament series?  Epic was involved with those as well!